Cambium Leadership provides small business owners with advice and coaching on solving operational problems with financial performance and sustainable growth. This includes such diverse topics as business structure and governance, cash flow, product launch, business process improvement, and leadership skills development. As well as advice and coaching, Cambium Leadership provides contract executive services, helping business owners fill temporary leadership gaps or address strategic challenges through hands-on executive direction.

Located in sunny Sidney on Vancouver Island, Cambium Leadership serves clients throughout western Canada. Doug Walker, Cambium’s Principal, is a Certified Management Consultant and experienced business leader and advisor. For information, call or email Doug, check out the About Doug Walker page on this site,  or connect directly to his LinkedIn profile by clicking on the icon below to the right.


Business Owner Peer Support

  • participate in facilitated monthly meetings with other business owners
    receive reference materials and templates
  • attend monthly enrichment sessions
  • receive private one-on-one mentoring between group meetings
New Product/Service Launch

  • validate your idea
  • refine your positioning statement and value proposition
  • develop your product launch strategy
Exiting Your Business

  • review common exit strategies
  • assess company readiness
  • tune up operations
  • develop and implement your divestment strategy
Operational Performance Improvement

  • clarify your mission, vision, and values
  • assess company governance and business processes
  • identify your market differentiators
  • set out, implement, and monitor an improved business strategy
Contract Executive

  • temporarily fill an unexpected leadership vacancy



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