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Doug Walker, MBA, CMC

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About Cambium Leadership

Our Story

Located in sunny Sidney on Vancouver Island, Cambium Leadership serves clients throughout western Canada. Doug Walker, Cambium’s Principal, is a Certified Management Consultant and experienced business leader and advisor. For detailed information and testimonials, connect to Doug’s CMC Canada or LinkedIn profiles by clicking on the icons below, or call or email Doug directly.

Our offerings include such diverse topics as business structure, cash flow management, product launch, business process improvement, exit and succession, and leadership development. As well as advice, coaching, and training, Cambium Leadership provides contract executive services, helping business owners fill temporary leadership gaps or address strategic challenges through hands-on executive direction and leadership recruitment.

Our Mission

Cambium Leadership helps owners improve business performance through strategies, tools, and habits that are consistent with their goals.

Doug Walker
Doug Walker,MBA,CMC Principal

About Doug

Doug is an accomplished business executive and Certified Management Consultant (CMC), with well-developed strategic leadership and operations management skills. He offers management advice and contract executive services to businesses, especially those in service sectors, based on over 30 years of business and consulting experience.

Doug is an inspirational leader respected for his vision and abilities to motivate others. He is particularly strong in leadership and ownership transition, including selecting and developing prospective leaders, facilitating negotiations between founders and successors, mentoring new leaders, and providing contract executive services. His diverse capabilities in operations improvement include internal structure and control systems, supervision and management skills development, communications, capital planning, new product and service marketing, strategic business planning, and cash flow management.

Doug's background also includes many years of teaching experience, in both university and mid-career settings. He maintains a strong interest in teaching business-related topics to mid-career professionals.

Specialties: Strategic and operational leadership, contract executive services, corporate development, leadership and ownership transition, operations improvement, governance

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance,
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Our Services

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Business Checkup

  • Overall review of company status and operations
  • Initial interview meeting and notes
  • Documents review
  • Report suggesting high-impact improvements
  • Duration 1 week
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Operational Performance Improvement

  • Business Checkup, plus 3 follow-up sessions and notes
  • Monitor progress of high-impact improvements
  • Adjust recommendations as needed
  • Duration 2-3 months
Buy Now $7,500

New Product or Service Launch

  • Validate idea
  • Initiate competitive analysis
  • Refine positioning statement and value proposition
  • Develop product launch strategy
  • Duration 2-3 months
Buy Now $5,000

Exit Planning

  • Confirm exit objectives and timing
  • Review possible exit options
  • Assess company readiness
  • Recommend value improvements
  • Develop and document exit strategy
  • Duration variable
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Focussed Problem Solving

  • Participate in facilitated weekly discussion sessions of current challenges
  • Develop trusted relationships with other local business owners
  • Learn techniques for business performance improvement
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Business Owner Peer Support

  • Participate in facilitated weekly discussion sessions of current challenges
  • Develop trusted relationships with other local business owners
  • Learn techniques for business performance improvement
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Contract Executive

  • Temporarily fill an unexpected leadership vacancy
  • Recruit leaders
  • Refine governance
  • Establish Advisory Board and/or Board of Directors
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Director or Advisor

  • Ongoing retainer relationship with business owner
  • Membership on Board of Advisors or Board of Directors

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